General FAQ

I can no longer care for my cat because of allergies, relocating, new born baby, not enough time to commit, urinating on my furniture, etc. Can you take it?

Unfortunately we do not take in owned cats. There are so many homeless lives in need that it wouldn’t be fair to take one that already has a home indoors. Please reconsider and research all possibilities before abandoning your pet.

Do you accept owner surrender for dogs?

Yes we do. Please send our intake manager, Sandra, information about the dog at Include as much information as you can as well as photos.

I know of someone abusing/neglecting an animal, can you come save him/her?

Our biggest goal is to save all animals and provide them with a life they deserve. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as knocking on someone’s door and asking for their pet. For more information on how to deal with animal abuse or neglect, visit the Ottawa Humane Society’s website.

I've been helping a sick and/or injured animal outdoors and they really need help, what can I do?

We will rescue sick and injured animals if we have the space and resources available to properly care for them. We have previously taken in animals that were sick, injured and even near death. We highly recommend also contacting the Ottawa Humane Society.

What are your "business hours"?

Our standard business hours are 9:00AM-7:00PM. However, please note that we are a volunteer-based organization and that our coordinators donate their time around work and school obligations to work with The Avery Foundation. You can expect to receive a response to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Where do your animals come from?

We receive calls and messages about stray animals on a weekly basis. We rescue these animals from around the region and have homed animals of varied backgrounds. Most of our animals are strays that have been rescued from urban and rural areas. We also take in animals from shelters in Ottawa, Quebec and Toronto.

Are you a "kill-shelter"?

We are not a “kill-shelter”. We are a foster-based animal rescue and we do not practice the killing of healthy or treatable animals. The only situations in which we will euthanize is when it is vet recommended due to suffering or a life that will be lived in discomfort and pain.

How long do you keep your animals for?

We keep our animals for as long as it takes to find them loving homes. We work very hard to promote our rescue animals and screen potential adopters to ensure a perfect, permanent fit.

Can you recommend a good veterinarian?

We use the services of the Glebe Pet Hospital and Rockland Lafontaine Veterinary Clinic to care for all of our rescue animals. Both facilities are very caring and knowledgeable.

How do I become a volunteer or foster?

We are always looking for people to volunteer or foster for The Avery Foundation! To volunteer, please click here. To foster, please click here. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions prior to completing the application.

Where are you located? We would like to see the animals in your care.

We are a foster-based rescue and do not have a single, central location. We work out of the homes of our coordinators, fosters and volunteers. Our animals are housed in private homes distributed across the city of Ottawa. If you would like to meet an animal, we ask that you fill out an adoption application in advance. For the protection of our foster families and rescue animals, we do not allow the public to meet with an animal they are interested in adopting without first screening and speaking with them. We work with potential adopters to coordinate a mutually agreeable date and time to meet at the foster home.

Do you ever rescue purebred cats or dogs?

We have rarely come across a purebred animal. Most cats are domestic short-haired (tabby, solid, orange, etc) and most dogs are mixed breeds.

I'm moving and I need someone to watch my pet. Can you place them in a foster home until I can take them back?

No, we are not a boarding facility. Our foster homes are reserved for our rescues that need immediate foster families while we are preparing them for their forever home.

The most dedicated and caring group!