Adoption Fees



  • 3 months to 11 months old: $225.
  • 11 months and 6 years old: $175.
  • 7 years and older: $125.


  • 3 months to 11 months old: $525.00.
  • 12 months and older: $425.00.

Compassionate Placement

  • We do not charge a fee for special needs or hard to place animals.


  • General check up to have the animal assessed for health status, age, sex, etc.;
  • Spay/neuter surgery;
  • 2 sets of deworming, and treatment for any other parasites (fleas, ear mites, etc.);
  • PVC vaccination;
  • Microchipping;
  • Medication for minor illnesses, including upper respiratory and other infections, cold viruses, and conjunctivitis;
  • If eligible: rabies vaccination.*

*Please be advised that kittens must be the age of 16 weeks to qualify for the rabies vaccination. If the cat is younger than 16 weeks and is ready for adoption, it will be the adopter’s responsibility to provide the rabies vaccine. If the cat is in the care of The Avery Foundation and qualifies for the shot, he/she will be given the rabies vaccination without any increase in the adoption fee.

The Avery Foundation’s adoption fee includes the second round of deworming. The cat must return within 4 weeks to our partnering vet clinic for their second deworming and booster shot. If the cat is adopted within that time period, the new owner is responsible for bringing the animal to the clinic for The Avery Foundation to cover the costs.


  • 8 weeks – Da2PPvL;
    12 weeks – Da2PPvL;
    16 weeks – DaPPvl RV;
  • DaPPvl – distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus and leptospirosis combination;
  • RV- rabies vaccine;
  • Bordetella vaccine;
  • Spay/neuter surgery;
  • Microchipping;
  • Behavioural, temperament and obedience assessment;


We are currently partnered with two wonderful veterinary hospitals: Glebe Pet Hospital and Lafontaine Veterinary Clinic .
The Glebe Pet Hospital and Lafontaine Vet Clinic are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We strongly recommend continuing the animal’s medical care at these facilities after adoption, as they will have been well served at one of these clinics since day one with TAF. There are several benefits to remaining at one of these clinics; the familiar environment will result in a more comfortable veterinary experience for your pet, it will better allow both you and TAF to keep track of the animal’s long term health, it will simplify the tracking of required vaccinations and help you keep track of your veterinary expenses.


Medical costs: Before an animal is available for adoption, we ensure that they have received a medical examination to eliminate parasites, diseases and upper respiratory infections or kennel cough; received required vaccines, and deworming; and been spayed or neutered. This also covers the cost of anesthesia when required to properly clean and suture a wound or to examine feral cats or aggressive dogs.

Behavioral treatments: Some of the dogs that we rescue have difficult pasts. The transition from living outside or in an abused home to being in an environment with human interaction and unfamiliar surroundings may be challenging for a rescue dog. We also run into expenses such as training sessions and rehabilitation required for specific cases to properly ensure that the rescue will be ready for adoption. This does not apply to all of our dogs, but there are instances where additional training is necessary. Each case is reviewed carefully by our team of coordinators, and training costs will only be incurred if absolutely necessary. The training will be required to continue after the adoption to ensure the dog continues on their path to success.

Resources for our fosters: We want to encourage new fosters to join the Avery team. As incentive, we provide food, litter, etc – if they cannot purchase items themselves. We do appreciate if our fosters can provide these necessities, as well as any other essentials, however we understand that fostering is a very big commitment and wish to help out wherever we can if required. We supply the following items: food, litter boxes, leashes, dog/cat beds, crates, toys, litter liners, food bowls, etc.

Most importantly, the adoption fee ensures that you are serious about welcoming a new animal into your home. Our overall goal is to help find a forever home for the best suited families. As much as we cannot put a price on an animal, it is needed to help save the next life we rescue and to also provide your new cat or dog a healthy and comfortable lifestyle with their new family. Remember, when you adopt one animal, you are saving two lives!

The Avery Foundation is entirely not-for-profit and volunteer run. All funding we receive is through fundraisers, donations and adoption fees and goes directly to caring for our animals. The organization is run only with the funding we receive from these sources. We only spend money on necessary expenses and cut unneeded costs from our budget.

NOTE: We are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to our adoption fees or fundraising efforts. We strive to be open and honest, and therefore would like for our supporters to be as informed as possible. We are currently in the process of registering our organization as a charity, so we are unable to provide official tax receipts at this time. However, we are hoping to have this completed as soon as possible, and we will keep all of our supporters updated on these efforts.

Adopted my two baby girls from The Avery Foundation. Amanda and Jenna were very knowledgeable and passionate about their rescues. They do everything they can to make sure the rescues are going to a great home.