Adoption Process

We truly want both the adopter and “adoptee” to live a happy life together. If there is anything we can do to better facilitate the adoption process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We encourage you to take your time while deciding to adopting one of our rescues – it is a serious commitment that can last over 10 years. The Avery Foundation wants to make sure that we find the perfect match, for both you and our animals. If you have any more questions, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible!

Please read the adoption process before applying:

  1. Application – An application must be filled out by all interested adopters.
  2. Reference Check – We will contact the veterinary and personal references that have been provided. Authorization on the medical files is necessary in order to complete this step.
  3. Animal Meet & Greet – If eligible for the next step, The Avery Foundation coordinates a meet-and-greet with the animal and the applicant in order to familiarize themselves with each other and see if it’s an appropriate match. This takes place at the foster home. After the meet-and-greet is finished, we will touch base with the foster home and discuss how the meeting went. If there were concerns, a member of the Avery team will contact the family to notify them and discuss.
  4. Home Check – If cleared, and the family is suitable for adoption, we will coordinate a date and time to perform a home check and interview in the applicant’s home. This step is mandatory to ensure that the home is safe for the animal, and the adoption process cannot be complete without doing so.
  5. Contract Signing – If the adoption coordinator passes the home check and interview they will then have the family sign our adoption contract, usually this happens during the visit. By signing this contract, the family is agreeing to our terms and conditions. If we feel the family is no longer suitable for the animal, we do have the right to reject an application at this point in the process.
  6. Animal Transfered to Adoptive Home – We do allow for a 1-week trial to allow time for the animal to settle in with the family, their new environment and any current pets. This also allows the family to observe the animal in his/her new home. If the family believes that the animal is not fitting in well and there are concerns, we refund the adoption fee and take back the animal. This is only allowed within the 1-week. If the timeline is exceeded we will retrieve the animal but the fee will not be refunded.

We truly wish happiness for all of our animals and adopters! If you have any questions about the application or adoption process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to arrange for a phone call to discuss any concerns or questions.


In order to ensure that our animals are going to a safe and loving home, we have created a very detailed application. We understand what the application entails, and we encourage you to take your time and answer each question to the best of your ability. Adopting an animal is a very big responsibility. We want to ensure that you are certain about adoption and that you are ready to take care of your new pet for as long as they live. We also want to ensure that the animal is adopted into a home that suits their personality, and vice versa. Every question we ask and all of the required steps throughout the adoption process are absolutely necessary and we appreciate that you understand and respect our terms. The Avery Foundation is a volunteer run organization, so please allow us 5-7 days to process an application.


  • Applicant states that they would like to adopt a pet and make it live in their barn, on a boat, in a car, etc.
  • Applicant plans on allowing the animal to roam/live outdoors, or become an outdoor pet.
  • Applicant misleads us by falsifying information on the application.
  • Applicant’s veterinarian indicates a history of poor care on past or present pets.
  • Applicant’s veterinarian states applicant missed several veterinary appointments.
  • Applicant refused a follow up appointment with the clinic/refused medical procedure/treatment, etc.
  • Applicant has a history of surrendering animals.
  • Applicant is disrespectful towards members of The Avery Foundation and does not respect our professional opinions, suggestions and recommendations.
  • Applicant does not commit to schedule visits/meetings after several attempts.
  • Applicant refuses a home check or providing references and veterinarian information.
  • Applicant owns other animals that are not spayed/neutered (exception: if veterinarian advised against procedure for medical reasons).
  • Applicant refuses to pay adoption fee or tries to bargain a lower price.
  • Applicant owns animals that are aggressive, hides the animals during a home visit, or misleads the organization.
  • Applicant owns ill animals that are not receiving proper medical treatment recommended by a veterinarian.
  • Applicant and animal of interest are not a good match.
  • Applicant is adopting the animal as a gift.
  • Applicant does not have safe/appropriate fencing around their property for a dog whom requires it.
  • Applicant’s home is cluttered and unkempt which causes safety and health hazards to animals.
  • Applicant intends to breed the animal.
  • Applicant provides us with incorrect veterinary references to avoid providing medical information.
  • Applicant fails to list current or past animals.

The Avery Foundation is an amazing local animal rescue and my experience with them has been extraordinary, they are the most dedicated team you will ever meet; they truly believe in the cause of improving the lives of homeless animals. They run this place efficiently, professionally, and with such heart. They also have wonderful volunteers, the most generous and caring foster families I have ever encountered, and most of all, I am the happiest - and luckiest!! - girl in town.
If you are looking into adopting a cat and/or dog, look no further: you will be delighted with this non-profit organization dedicated to finding perfect and permanent homes for these sweet souls.