Digital Fostering

Have you always wanted to foster but can’t? Love animals but allergic? Are you at your limit? Busy schedule?

The Avery Foundation’s Digital Fostering is an affordable solution that allows animal lovers to support rescue animals in need. Digital Fosters help us cover the cost of feeding, vetting and caring for our rescued animals.

Digital Fostering allows you to provide for a rescued pet through a monthly contribution with a 6 month commitment. The monthly payments will begin the day you subscribe and the chosen amount will be charged to your credit card through PayPal which is entirely secure.

Digital Foster Payment Options


You may also choose a Pet Package, which helps us to cover the following:

Dog package: $250
This package provides a start up kit for a new foster dog with all the basics, including a crate, bag of food, treats, leash and collar, Nature’s Miracle carpet cleaner, paper towels, a medical kit for small emergencies (ear cleaner, cotton swabs, etc), nail clippers, dog shampoo/conditioner, and a Kong or other sturdy chew toy.

Cat package: $150
This package provides a start up kit for a new foster cat with all the basics, including a carrier, bag of food, treats, cat nip, collar (if required), litter box and litter, medical kit for small emergencies (cotton swabs, ear cleaner, flea/tick shampoo, etc), nail clippers, and a scratching pole or toy.

The package charges will only occur once, the day your donation is made.

Package Options

At anytime you wish to cancel your 6 month subscription, please click the “unsubscribe” button below.

Interact E-Transfer

You can also become a Digital Foster by sending your donation through an interact e-transfer to:, please remember to send us the password to the same email or via Facebook message.

Certified Cheque or Money Order

We also accept certified cheques or money order’s send to the private home address of our founder, Jenna. Please send an email to to request the home address.

All Digital Fostering funds go directly to the animals in our care. If digital fostering is not for you, we are always in need of cat and dog food, litter boxes, litter, toys, bones/treats, collars/leashes, food bowls, shampoo for fleas/ticks, blankets/animal beds, Canadian Tire Money, etc. The donation of these items is always greatly appreciated! Please contact us here or email with questions regarding Digital Fostering or other donations.


A great organization to foster for! All food/toys/litter/medication/etc is provided! A worthy organization to either foster for or donate to.