The Avery Foundation

The Avery Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue operating in the National Capital Region. They were looking for a new website that would allow them to easily manage their business. I designed and developed a custom Wordpress theme that includes management of adoption listings, user profiles, and application processes.

HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / jQuery / Photoshop

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The Avery Foundation

Wordpress Wonders

Running an animal rescue involves a lot of moving parts: fosters, adopters, and volunteers need to go through an approval process and have easy access to relevant content; animals need to be categorized into adoption and fostering stages and have their medical information easily updated; social media and community events need to be dynamic and accessible to everyone. To handle all of this, I decided to build the site on Wordpress with the help of some metafields to centralize and automate all these elements.

The Avery Foundation

Fun, Friendly, Feminine

These are the "three Fs" the design followed. The client wanted lots of colour and imagery, with a background video on the landing page to really capture the user's attention. In the preliminary discussions, it was revealed that their users are predominantly female, so the design also reflects a more feminine feel. To create a playful look, I included curves and rounded corners throughout the site, as well as custom icons and the promise of animations.

The Avery Foundation

The Problem

The previous website was built on Squarespace, which, while suitable for brochure or marketing sites, was not fulfilling The Avery Foundation's more complex needs. At the time, they were entering all animal information as static content, thereby spending a lot of time rewriting the same information in different places. They also had no way of tracking applications, visits, or highlighting partners. Most importantly to the foundation, they had no way of managing registered fosters and adopters and providing updates on their pet's health.

The Avery Foundation

The Solution

The client was concerned about having all animal information and other repeating elements in the same format, so I relied largely on the help of Advanced Custom Fields to ensure consistency in the content no matter how many staff were updating the site.

The cats and dogs are registered as custom post types, and a dropdown allows them to indicate what stage in the adoption process they were in. This means they only have to enter information once, and depending on the stage, the animal will show up under the adoption listings, the "Happy Tales" archive and adopter's profile page, or will be hidden from the front end completely without being removed from the database.

To further lighten the client's workload, I used Facebook and Instagram's APIs to feature the latest events and updates on the homepage, and added a MailChimp subscription form to the footer for a future mailing list.

The Results

As the website just recently launched, we are currently awaiting the results.